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Paradise Inter Tour Company

Paradise Inter Tour Co., Ltd was established on 25th October 2011, which has a clearly policy "Quality comes first" for providing travel service to customer. Our employee must have been trained, such as sale technique, operation management and customer service for operation team who work at the office and our travel service team including tour leader tour guide and staff, have been trained about service mind, service with the intention and have to get tour guide’s license from TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand).
Paradise Inter Tour’s Services
  • Seminar Organizer and Service Incentive Travel Group
  • Sell Tour Package (Collective Group)
  • Sell JR Rail Pass and Japan Rail Tickets cover all districts
  • Real-Time Reserve Accommodation Services, both in Thailand and Aboard, especially Japan we can reserve for special price, which quickly respond for F.I.T customer.
  • Reserve Transportation Services: Bus, Van, Rent Car which provide a driver and self-drive (must have International Driving License)
Field Trip

“It's about the journey, not the destination.”, Paradise Inter Tour doesn’t pay attention only places but would like customer to experience  art, culture and feeling as local via activities e.g. Field Trip to Japan, learning and cooking japanese food such as sushi soba ramen and green tea ceremony, Field Trip to Vietnam, planting rice terrace, Field Trip to Germany, ferment beer 

Paradise Inter Tour provide and organize place, destination, accommodation and other facilities for government office, university and organization who interest in business and investment field trip, visiting top university, city plan field trip, learning refuse disposal, waste water treatment and local product (OTOP).

Ratio Travel Route

Paradise Inter Tour service both in Thailand and aboard traveling, Europe, Australia, Asia and AEC. There are local guide with license and skill at each country who assigned to take care and service our customer who visiting the country. So, customer can trust and be full of confident in our quality.
Japan Land Operator

According to longtime experience in Japan land operator for 20 years and great relationship with top entrepreneur, airline company , hotel, transportation company, restaurant and travel association in Japan, affect Paradise Inter Tour to be stronger than other land operator in market. We have full of confidence and would like to present value of the traveling which live up to the price with our quick service, clear and correct process to finding right and suitable answer for our customer.

Because of Japan’s seasons and Japan’s regionals, there are different charm. Paradise Inter Tour would like customer to impress and touch. Customer can direct booking to company. We will create route trip with customer ‘s requirement and budget.

Maldives, paradise island, is another destination which hit to the top best selling. Paradise Inter Tour keep good relationship with Maldives’s resort and hotels especially Club Meb Kani, luxury resort and prototype of “ALL INCLUSIVE SERVICE HOTEL” which have Thai staff who taking care Thai customer. So there isn’t problem with language.
Paradise Inter Tour would like to thank you all our customer who always support us.

Thank you



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